Erasmus+ KA210 “Nothing is more precious than health” mobility in Romania

Participation in international projects is a big challenge that provides new opportunities to learn, share accumulated experience, strengthen communication skills and get to know other cultures. On April 24-28, four students of Joniškis “Aušros” gymnasium, accompanied by their teachers, visited Licceul Gheorghe Tatarescu Rovenari in Romania, implementing the Erasmus + KA210 project “Nothing is more precious than health”. The third meeting with project partners from Italy, Turkey and Romania took place here. The topic of this meeting is “Technology addiction”.

Already on the first day of the visit, after the opening ceremony and introductions of partners, students from different countries divided into teams, shared roles in groups, prepared reports on technology addiction and its impact on academic results, prepared posters and slogans about the harm of addictions.

The second day of the visit was planned for cultural – cognitive activities. Project participants admired the city of Targu Jiu and the city park – museum, visited ancient places, visited the ethnographic complex of Konstantin Brancusi, one of the greatest Romanian sculptors. Well, and, of course, the Horezu traditional craft fair with the wonderful Horezu monoeline complex.

The third day was dedicated to sports. The participants of the project had the opportunity to observe how much endurance and strength are needed during training for future boxers. It was possible to try a little-known sport, compete in friendly football matches, and compete in tennis and volleyball competitions. Later, the students had fun in the Adventure Park: after all, active activities are a way to spend time out of screen.

The activities of the fourth day were dedicated to promoting a healthy lifestyle. The partners discussed the topics of sports, healthy lifestyle and health-friendly nutrition. Discussed healthy lifestyle guidelines. Certificates were awarded at the end of the classes.

The benefit of the project is unquestionable. Students had the opportunity to travel, get to know the culture and traditions of other nationalities, improve their communication and foreign language skills. It encourages confidence in one’s own strength, to express one’s thoughts and opinions more boldly, to overcome one’s fears.

The week in Romania passed unnoticed. New friends discovered emotions and impressions experienced will remain in the memory for a long time.