Yasemin Erman Balsu Anatolian  High School

“Yasemin Erman Balsu Anatolian  High School which was founded in 2010 ” is situated in the center of Gaziantep, which is an industrialized big city in the Southeast of Turkey. The history of the city is based on quite ancient times so it is very rich in cultural heritage as well as its natural beauty. It is coeducational and welcomes students not only from Gaziantep, but also from the eastern part of Turkey. . The students are aged between 14 and 18.They have few opportunities to communicate with their peers from other European countries and improve their foreign language skills. The only contacts they have experienced within international relationships come from this type of project.

The students have to take a country-wide examination in order to study in the school. In the schoo there are 21 classrooms equipped with smart boards and internet access, an ICT class, 2 science labs, 1 conference room , a  library, and a  gym, an art class.  40 teachers as well as 3 administrative staff are working in the school and 520 students are studying this year. The school is open from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 3 pm.  It provides the students  both science and social sciences, English and German as foreign languages and ICT courses. One of the aims of the school staff is to make the students prepare for the university exam that is held nation-wide every year. Students can attend the supportive courses after 3 pm if they like.

Our institution has a very experienced and motivated staff who are open to new suggestions and to welcoming the cultural and social differences in this area which offers few opportunities to young learners. We strongly believe in international projects like Erasmus+ as an important possibility for most of our students of gaining an international awareness and of being an active citizen in Europe.

The school is carriying out two  projects. One of the K210 project called’ NOTHİNG İS MORE PRECİOUS THAN HEALTH’.T he other is K229’ EACH MOSAİC HAS A STORY’  It was also participated a lot of eTwinning projects and we have got “National Quality Label”. It carried out national social and scientific projects under different programs. It took part in two projects which were managed by AIESEC- Turkey and hosted young AIESEC volunteers.

The  ICT teacher has made 12 projects under  the concept of “MAKE TOMORROW “12within the scope of Project design and coding in the school .   Our school is also  accrediated school too.

The biology teacher took part in Comenius Project in 2009 named”FOOD WHOSE GENETİC HAS BEEN CHANGED”and atttended national olympics.

Joining an Erasmus+ projecy is important to be able to continue our work of broadening our students` horizons in order to make them active European citizens and perceive English as the most widespread living language used in real everyday contexts. We strongly believe that our school will have a great contribution to the project with its experience and capacity.


Yasemin Erman Balsu Anadolu Lisesi

Emek Mahallesi İbrahimli Yolu Caddesi No8 Şehitkamil, Gaziantep
tel. (342) 322 3430

School website: balsu.meb.k12.tr