Italian students’ reflection after Romanian mobility 

April 23rd FIRST DAY 

The first day of the trip was quite difficult because our flight was delayed. We enjoyed the journey while waiting to arrive in Romania and meet our hosts, even if it was too long and tiresome. We were a bit anxious because we did not know if we would have been able to speak English well and understand each other. In the end we arrived at our destination at about 2 a.m. and met our hosts, who were very kind and welcoming. We didn’t even have any difficulty understanding each other.

April 24th -SECOND DAY – 

On the second day, we went to school with our hosts. We started with ice-breaking activities.  The Romanian teacher made us write down nine passions. After writing them down, we met to see which one we had in common and then talked about our common passions. 

After meeting, we formed mixed-nationality groups where we worked together to create PowerPoints on how to fight against technology addiction.  Once school was over, the hosts showed us around the city and then went to the game room where we played together. 

Once we left the game room, we all ate together and then went to the house of one of the hosts where we all played “Fifa” and finally went back to our rooms to go to sleep.

25th April THIRD DAY – 

25 April, we had to wake up at 7 a.m. because we had to take the bus to visit the region. We went to a garden where there were the art works of Constantin Brancusi, remembering the victims of the First World War. Then we went to visit a nice museum of contemporary art. Following, we took the bus again to go to the Horezu monastery, but it was raining too much and we could not visit it. Afterwards, we went to a restaurant and ate meat soup, a typical Romanian food. After lunch, we did some shopping. In the afternoon, we returned home and went for a walk around town, where we also met our hosts’ friends. In the evening, we enjoyed some excellent chicken with potatoes at our hosts’ house and then went to sleep.

26th April FOURTH DAY

On 26 April, the third day of our stay in Rovinari, we completed our work and PowerPoint presentations and the creation of a poster for each group. We even went so far as to write a sort of guide with tips shared by all groups, including teachers, on how to fight against technology addiction and have a healthier lifestyle.

27 April FIFTH DAY

On 27 April there was a ceremony where we received our Erasmus participation certificates. Then there were farewells and we left Romania to return to Naples. We had a long bus ride to get to Bucharest airport, where, after passing all the security checks, we got on the plane and after about two hours we landed at Capodichino airport (ITALY). When we arrived at the airport, our parents were already waiting for us, so we said goodbye to the teachers and went home. It was a great opportunity for us because we could spend a lot of time together, meet students from other countries and speak English at the same time.