Italian and Lithuanian group impressions 

This is the Italian group of the Erasmus project “Nothing is more precious than health” 2023.

We went to Gaziantep, Türkiye and we had tons of fun. We met amazing people and we made lots of friends. Gaziantep was truly a beautiful city and we had fun every single day in every activity we did, no matter if it was about school presentations or climbing and hiking activities.

Our friends soon became a new big family and we laughed and joked together. Our host families were always very kind to us and available in every moment. We highly recommend anyone to  attend Erasmus and to visit Gaziantep.

Made by the Italian group: Andrea Pio Megna, Francesco Giordano, Gennaro Gaier and Gabriele Tammaro.

Tėja. Going to Gaziantep, Turkey was one of the most amazing experiences. This project provided an opportunity to deepen my knowledge about a healthy lifestyle, an opportunity to find new like-minded friends. Participating in the project allowed me to get to know Turkey, its history and culture, and deepen my communication skills and knowledge of English language. The activities in Gaziantep did not last long and each day brought new impressions which would stay with us for a long time.

Atėnė. It was fun time, new acquaintances and friends. It was very interesting to see other cultures and traditions, to taste Turkish dishes. Gazentep is a wonderful city and every day spent here was full of  new impressions and experiences.

Urtė. One of the best things about the project was the people from different countries, while communicating with them I learned a lot about the countries whose representatives participated in the project and I made friends each of them! I want to thank all participants for a good time in the project and unforgettable memories!

Liliana. It was great to meet such different and interesting people, laugh, communicate, travel and learn at the same time. I got a lot of ideas and inspiration from the meeting in Gazentepe.