Lituanian students reflection after Romanian mobility

Accompanied by teachers, we visited Romania at Licceul Gheorghe Tatarescu Rovenari, implementing the Erasmus + KA210 project “Nothing is more precious than health”.

The many valuable and unique experiences we got on our trip to Romania are really important to us. We discovered new friends and like-minded people, tried new activities.

  Our expectations were fulfilled as we expected, Romania was very hospitable. The people there are amazing! Living in families, we had the opportunity to get to know a new culture, language, traditions and customs, we saw the daily routine of other people’s lives, we tasted Romanian food, we visited unique objects.

We have many memories, but the most memorable so far is visiting the “Adventure Park”. Although some of us were scared at first, but after we overcame fears, we admitted that it was really interesting.

This experience developed our self-expression skills, increased self-confidence and encouraged personal growth. It was a lot of fun in Romania, and we already miss the friends we met there and their families.