Erasmus + KA210 ” Nothing is more precious than Health” includes some more smaller parts inside.

Project “Health all year round – 2022”
The aim of the project is to help students to acquire understanding about health. It also aims to develop useful health skills, habits and beliefs, responsibility of their own and other people health, and encourage them to choose a healthy lifestyle.
The topic of February is “A healthy poor is richer than a king”.

The biggest mistake is to sacrifice one’s health for wealth, glory, education or a career. On the contrary, everything should be sacrificed for health. /Aristotle/

Health gives meaning to life. It’s the only thing which makes people rich. Let’s enjoy the benefit of life which is being healthy!
The theme of March is “Don’t lose your mind: be safe and healthy” (appropriate behavior in various health affecting situations).

Emergencies come unexpectedly and everybody must be ready for them.
After the civil safety signal went off, the whole school community left the premises following the evacuation plan in an organized and disciplined manner. The evacuation practice was highly rated by the professionals.
First aid is a simple, purposeful action, when the first aid or other available equipment and materials are used in order to save an injured person’s life or to cease harmful to health actions. Studies show that urgent first aid actions can significantly increase chances of survival.